CGA innovate is the 100% owned investment vehicle of CBD Group Asia and acts as the primary conduit for our business activities. We work very closely with Canrim Growth Group who have an investment agreement to fund and earn 75% ownership of CBD Group Asia.   

Canrim provide regular updates on our progress via their Twitter account.

Brigadier Provides Update on COB Transaction:

- Update on Asia/China #CBD Regulations
- Limited Impact From Coronavirus
- Shareholder Approval for Change of Business To Canrim Growth Group ( CSE: $CBDA - Listing Pending)

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#Marijuana #legalization is making strides across Asia, as several nations move to dismantle draconian anti-drug laws to capitalize on the fast-growing #medicalcannabis market.

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First Cosmetic #CBD Facial Mask launched in Japan by HealthyTOKYO

Japan is the first country in Asia to allow for the sale of CBD and products have been available since 2016.

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The convergence of easing legislation in the most populous region on earth has set the table for explosive growth in Asia’s #CBD sector, particularly in the already significant #health and #beauty CPG industries.

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India’s First #MedicalMarijuana Clinic Is Set To Open In February & Here’s What They’re Selling

With the Delhi High Court set to hear a pro-#cannabis petition later this February, things are looking high for marijuana enthusiasts across the subcontinent.

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