Why Asia?

The Asian Opportunity

Market Size

Sheer size of Asian CBD market, higher growth rate than North America and Europe

World Leaders

China and other Asian countries to become world's main CBD products production hub


Technology and safety standards lower in Asia - opportunity for western technology and processes


Exceptional investment opportunities for early entrants, particularly in healthcare and cosmetics

Asian countries are moving at different speeds in legalisation of the use of CBD but the trend is clear. Evidence of medical and health benefits and regulatory change in North America in particular are changing attitudes.


China holds over half of 600 international Cannabinoid patents, including methods of administering the drug.

China produces half the world’s industrial hemp and is poised to become the main global supplier of CBD.

South Korea

Nov 2018
South Korea legalises CBD oil for skin care and is in talks to further ease restrictions in the market.


Dec 2018
Thailand announced decision to legalise medical marijuana.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka set to launch first plantation for domestic medical use.


Sep 2018 Malaysia announced decision to legalise medical marijuana.
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CGA Innovate – CBD Group Asia –  Cannabis Hemp CBD Oil – Hemp Leaf Cannabis Plant

Hemp vs Cannabis

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Cannabis and hemp are both sources of the cannaboids CBD and THC

THC is the psychoactive compound famous for the cannabis high

Hemp contains CBD
and very little THC

CBD is valued for its non-psychoactive medical benefits

Common uses include anti-anxiety, anti-convulsant and pain relief

CGA Innovate – CBD Group Asia –  Cannabis Hemp CBD Oil – CBD Oil Beauty Skincare
CGA Innovate – CBD Group Asia –  Cannabis Hemp CBD Oil – Biological Texture Green

New Opportunities for Hemp & CBD Product Development

Despite its current prohibition on the psycho-active cannabinoid THC, China has the largest plantation area (accounting for more than 50%) of industrial hemp in the world. Currently, only a small number of companies in China have obtained processing licenses, and most of the processed hemp or CBD processed has been used for export.

That situation is changing and we are seeing local rules and regulations in approved provinces allowing the development of foods, medicines and health care products. Hemp extract is now being used as an ingredient in cosmeceuticals by local companies.

The local rules and regulations in approved provinces allow for the open development of hemp and CBD related products such as textile clothes, foods, medicines and health care products. As an example, in Yunnan Province, a company named Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group), which has obtained the “the approval of the R & D and production and sales of the terminal products of CBD” by the Drug Control Bureau of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau. This approval allowed it to use CBD as a raw material for terminal product development, production and marketing, and clarified the legal status of CBD as a “non-drug component, not included in drug control”. Moreover, the company in November of 2017 launched cosmetic and body care products with the brand “Cannaclear”, which was the first brand in China to be allowed to use hemp extract as cosmeceuticals.

According to New Frontier Data, Chinese hemp sales totalled $1.1 billion in 2017, approaching 1/3 of the $3.1 billion global market, with sales forecasted to grow to $1.5 billion (up 36%) by 2020. These forecasts are supported by increased sales of Chinese hemp totalling $1.2 billion in 2018, as the Economist reported. Another group, Hong Kong-based investment company Regent Pacific Group, forecasts the CBD market in China alone to be worth $15 billion by 2024, citing the beauty and wellness sector as the main driver.

Capturing the online consumer
– WeChat powers on

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Social media, such as WeChat, is a powerful means of initiating online purchases in Asia. Our proprietary technology is an Omni platform which utilises WeChat as it’s primary e-commerce channel. WeChat has 10.8 billion users and continues to expand rapidly. It is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in revenue terms. Asian consumers are the most digital savvy on the planet and WeChat offers them ease and convenience. So it’s not surprising the platform is expanding so rapidly

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